Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A little lame, but not dead!

Worry not, follower! (do I have followers? I'll have to check >.<)

This blog is not dead. I have to admit I started it at the most inopportune time (school started this week and I can already feel the overloadedness on homework begin), but alas! I shall not give up.

I've got a lot of crazy cool ideas swirling around in my dome! For instance:

  • A special bit on altar and tools (or the necessity of them),
  • Having (or not having) a Book of Shadows,
  • Something I've come across lately: people calling themselves "natural" Witches (as opposed to hereditary). I've got a little teeny tiny rant about it. 
  • And last cool idea (for now) a piece on psychic abilities. 
So, when I get my life and times in order, I'll be back to do one of the above pieces! Stay tuuuuned!


Monday, September 17, 2012

When times get rough.

One thing that I prize about Pagans and Paganism is our "get 'er done" attitude. We don't wait for deity to do things for us, we use our energies, individual or combined, and our knack for magic to get the process started. Most of us don't believe in a predetermined fate or destiny; rather we believe our thoughts, attitudes, energy, and actions create the road we travel on as we go.  These qualities give us the ability to get through, and even laugh at, the little stuff that gets in our way. .

But what happens when the real shit hits the fan and it seems to be cascading down at us from all sides? What do we do then? 

One thing that I love Christians for (or the ones that I know well) is their "c'est la vie" attitude. If they are true in their faith, they know that God has their life in his hands, that everything is happening to them as is his will, and everything will turn out as it is supposed to. They are comforted believing this and, the Christians I know, are generally very happy, healthy, and confident people! Not to mention the ability to consult the scriptures! Just having a handy dandy book of encouragement, reminders, and solutions adds to their faith and confidence in an outcome worth waiting for. 

These are some things Pagans and Paganism lack, right? If our future is in our own hands, and this present moment is so utterly miserable (and we all know today was yesterday's future), it must be our fault and our fault alone that our lives are shit festivals....Hold on, say what?! No, that can't be it! Let's look in the holy boo-...oh, that's right, we don't have one...!

So I ask again, what happens when our lives are so horrible we can't stand not having an explanation?  

My husband is, like me, an eclectic Pagan; but he's one, unlike me, that is totally "go with the flow" when it comes to conflict, pressure situations, and really bad days. So, I asked him, "if you are certain your thoughts and actions couldn't possibly be the reason for the absolute misery your life is at any time (losing a job, getting robbed, having your pet run over, etc.), what is?" 
His response? "Sometimes it just happens that way" and "things just outside of your control." He also said "Things will get better". 
So being the kind of question asker I am, I asked, "But, WHY?!" 
He kind of gave me this look that said I dunno, just cuz! but then said "I don't know, I hope things will get better and if they don't..." (with a smirk on his face) "...we'll start a revolution!" 

So, maybe I just know a lot of really miserable atheists, agnostics, and Pagans. Maybe these people just haven't come to the same enlightenment, confidence, or spiritual development that the Christians in my life have. And maybe that is the difference, people like my husband, and the happy-Christians I know, have the confidence to move forward and get through it. This confidence, and faith, is the energy required get us through our rough and miserable times. That is the "why" I asked my husband for! We just have to have faith, the thought form that is the energy we need to send - much like our spells and rituals send -  to move past the mountain of misery and alter our futures for the better.

Ah, the road to enlightenment is a tricky one at best. 


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Working REALLY hard...

I've been working really hard to get this blog up and running. And by up and running, I mean turned into a place I actually want to see my words. This is what I've done so far....

I use GIMP for image editing and what have you and decided I'd use my limited knowledge and a few awesome internet tutorials to create the blog banner you see above! A little rough around the edges and not at all what I had in mind, but it'll do for now.

I've added a few gadgets (widgets?) - moon phases, Facebook badge, and a section for all of the other witty Pagan bloggers I've been following. HUGE Shout out to The Secret Life of the American Working Witch. This blog is friggin' awesome! Check it out...then come back... no, really, you have to come back...

I'll be coming up with a blog "to do" list in the next coming days. Maybe if I have a plan, I'll actually stick to it. Any suggestions you might have for things you want to see (that you want my spin on, or that you haven't seen anywhere else) shoot me a comment!

I owe credit to Teeth-Man from deviantart for the use of the background for my banner. I don't currently have a deviantart, or else I would comment to him directly. Hopefully this gets to him some how.

Also, thanks to Simply Amusing Designs Studio for their Blogger banner tutorial!

Until next time Pagan pals!

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Beginning

First, I have to admit I am far from a consistent blog writer. And, I really have no idea what I will be using this blog for. There are already a bunch of witty Pagan mamas out there filling the blogosphere with awesomeness (many of which I follow!) and yet, I felt compelled to create my own. Perhaps, because I have yet to see any blogs from Pagan mamas who are still half hidden in the broom closet (picture that, if you will!) or at least, that isn't something they share outright.

I have no idea where to start. Does one write aimlessly about their beliefs? How long they've been Pagan? Who their deities are, if they have any at all? Do they dive in with self-made rituals, spells, prayer beads, or the likes? Do Pagan parents only write about how to be Pagan with young children? Since I'm still knees deep in the broom closet, do I talk about my double life and how I hide my Paganism from those who cannot  (or will not) hear it? Do I do a little of it all?

I had another blog, on Posterous (I don't like Posterous, by the way), where I started doing book reviews. I did one book review before losing interest (not in books, mind you, just the reviews). The blog was supposed to be about my family's journey to enlightenment through Paganism. Apparently that wasn't very interesting, because it couldn't even keep me interested.

So, with all that said, this is an experiment at best. Maybe I throw in a little bit of everything in here. Maybe if I get some followers they can tell me what they want to read. Moral of my own story: no expectations, even I am just along for the ride.

Until next time!

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