Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"Natural" Witches - A Rant

This post is long overdue. Back in September I promised this blog would not be a dud, and yet, there has been no activity from me. Today that changes!!

In my last post, I mentioned I had a rant about the phrase "natural" witch. Someone in a forum I am part of on CafeMom used this phrase and I admit I got mighty offended before I realized she then went on to say Witches had been in her family for generations. Ohhh! That totally changes things. She didn't mean "natural," as in the Craft was was more natural for her than for others, she meant "natural," as in hereditary. Okay, phew.

What's the big deal, you ask? Enter rant/ It is my honest opinion that anyone... and I mean anyone... can practice Witchcraft and can be a powerful Witch. So, to say that you are a "natural" Witch, and thereby a better Witch, is an insult to the Craft and those who left the hierarchical biased, and discriminatory mainline faiths to begin with.

Here is another argument: magic is energy manifested for a purpose. We all are able to, and do, move, transfer, and alter energy on  a daily basis. This is whether we realize it or not. It is really pretty simple science - and not even metaphysical science, either! And even those who don't necessarily believe in magic, but believe in the power of prayer, are moving and changing energy for a purpose. Wait, isn't that how I defined magic? Yep, same thing, just a different way of seeing/using it.

So, doesn't it just make sense to say we are all capable of being powerful Witches?

Before I end my rant, I want to clarify that I do consider myself a Witch, but the form of Witchcraft I practice is very intertwined with my Pagan faith, and I only fully practiced it if and only if all worldly methods have been exhausted. I still consider myself a powerful Witch with as much magic, energy, and intent as any other Witch who uses their practice every day or without religious faith.

There. \End rant.


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