Sunday, June 2, 2013

I Know the Fae and They Know Me

My latest project for the garden. Pretty clever isn't it?

I've been giving the Fae in my yard a lot of attention since Beltane. The wonderful strawberries, lettuce, and broccoli that I've gotten from my green house is proof enough that they've noticed.

I've always been happy to give them the attention they so desire. Even since I was little.

*insert memory wave* 3 or 4 years old, maybe. Mom and I were walking through a little wooded area. It was once a race track, but since forgotten in that regard. I walked by a tree, and look down. At the base of that tree was a little door (5 inches, tops) with a flowered wreath and everything. My mom saw it, she'll vouch for its authenticity.

When I decided to openly and with all my heart venture into the waters of Paganism, my husband and I gave a lot of attention to the Fae around the apartment we lived in. That winter we got some snow. Enough to just blanket everything (not common in the Puget Sound area of Olympia, WA). We left for some reason or another, and when we got back, we saw tiny foot prints coming out of the bushes by the door to our apartment, walking a ways, and the returning to the bushes a few feet later. I wish I had gotten pictures, because they were perfect tiny little shoe'd foot prints.

Anyway, I know the Fae and I like to think they have a sense of me too. They know I stand for them, need them, and enjoy them. I only wish I knew them on a much more personal level.


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